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DIY Giant Sensory Bag

Sensory bags are great for babies and toddlers (Even I will admit I like poking and prodding them) I made this giant sensory bag from a vacuum storage bag and some bits I had lying around the house. This is so simple and cheap to do and you can throw lots of different things in.
My little one, at 11 months now, loves sitting on it, crawling over it and trying to catch pieces inside. 

You need:

  • vacuum storage bag
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Pom poms, animals, foil (anything you want to add really)
  • Food colouring (if you want)

I started by pouring in a small tube of glitter and some cut up foil into the bag. I also had some foam animals and Pom poms lying around so added them in to. 

Next I added water by putting the shower head in the bag. The bag does get heavy when filling with water so watch it doesn’t tip. I filled the bag to just under half full. If you wanted you could add food colouring to make it a bit more fun.

Next make sure the bag is sealed up at the top. I added lots of strong clear tape to the top to prevent any leakages. 

I had a little air left in the bag, so I used the suction hole and Hoover to get the last bits of air out. I them sealed that up with tape too. 

Enjoy squishy fun!

Mama X

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